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Geriatric Psychotherapy

The primary way I serve my clients is through in home psychotherapy that is covered under Medicare.  I serve Westchester County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut.  During the first session, my primary goal is to develop trust.  I strongly believe that a trusting relationship with my client in which my client feels safe to speak his or her mind without prejudice is the most important element of my work.  After discussing the presenting problem, I then discern my client's strengths and dislikes, so that I may determine which therapeutic intervention is the best fit for that individual.  As time progresses, I continue working with my client by providing support as he or she grows and develops a unique set of healthy coping skills and sense of empowerment.  When the client develops a sense of autonomy over the situation, I then begin stepping back, which allows the client to fully achieve self-reliance.  While I will always be available as a source of support, my goal is watch my client become a strong and independent individual.


Family Dynamics and Mediation

Many times, I have found that the families of my clients are struggling with family dynamic issues; difficulties between spouses, siblings who may not agree, a conflict between child and parent, or well meaning close friends can actually exacerbate an already tense situation.  While everyone's intentions are good, sometimes an independent and neutral party is needed to help families sort out the emotional issues that are impacting the concrete goal of finding solutions.  Through my training as a therapist, I can deescalate contentious family meetings or work one on one with individual family members.  This allows each person involved to feel heard and valued while maintaining the ultimate goal of providing stability and relief to an overwhelming situation.  Most times, only a handful of sessions are needed to help a family get back on track.

Geriatric Assessments and Care Management

Geriatric Assessments are a one to two visit process which develops a global picture of the situation, diagnoses current impediments to healthy functioning, and examines current protective and risk factors.  Geriatric Care Management involves the oversight of an older adult's overall care and daily functioning.  This can range from minimal advising and education from an on-call type of basis to comprehensive management.  The level of involvement is determined by the client's needs and the family's wishes.  Geriatric Care Management differs from psychotherapy in that services are more logistical and concrete: while there are psychosocial elements in Geriatric Care Management, the primary services are functional in nature.  A Care Manager will liaise with service providers such as physicians, insurance companies, and home care staff, attend important appointments with the client, and act as an emergency contact.  Geriatric Care Management services are private pay and not covered by Medicare (although some long term care insurance policies will pay a portion).


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