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Jennifer Colby, LCSW, CCM, C-ASWCM

Jennifer Colby, LCSW, C-ASWCM, CCM is a clinical social worker licensed in both New York and Connecticut. Her entire career is devoted to the field of geriatrics and her specialty is helping families process the aging concerns and transitions that commonly occur with older adults. Besides providing psychotherapy as a Medicare provider, she also works for New York Presbyterian Westchester Division providing clinical psychiatric evaluations.  This experience affords her a background working with a broad range of individuals suffering from acute conditions, and lets her bring unique insight to her psychotherapy practice.  In addition to her psychological work,  Jennifer has experience in geriatric consultations and care management.  Her psychiatric background informs her practice and provides a unique psychological perspective not commonly found.  The consultation/care management branch of her practice keeps her up to date on community based resources and helping families keep an older adult safe in the community or in a facility environment.   Jennifer has a network of service providers including physicians, attorneys, home care agencies, and local social service agencies that can assist her clients.  This network extends from New York City to Fairfield, Connecticut.  Jennifer also is affiliated with Montefiore's Center for the Aging Brain, as she represents Montefiore in a clinical trial based at Weill Cornell's Institute for Geriatric Psychiatry.  Due to her love of knowledge, she maintains relationships with all of the leading research institutions, including Yale, NYU, and Cornell, as well as organizations providing service for older adults in order to enhance her scope and practice.  Currently, she gives academic presentations for Columbia University on subjects she has researched.  She previously spent five years as a social worker in an assisted living and was located on the memory care floor as well as a director for a social adult day center. This allowed her in depth exploration in the field of dementia and honed her skills to work with the memory impaired. Jennifer received her bachelors from the University of Chicago and her MSW from Fordham University, where she currently teaches in the Graduate School of Social Services.

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